The flight was long, but surprisingly painless! Good meals, plenty to drink and a Dick Francis I hadn’t read before made the time pass quickly… I even didn’t watch the movie !! Through Passport Control and Customs, straight to the taxi rank (not realising the Head and his wife were waiting for me… oops !), and on my way to the apartment.

Coming from the greenery of The Netherlands, with parks, canals, trees, greenhouses and fields of flowers to here, is a sharp contrast! Here the general impression is of a "dirty" and "poor" area. In fact, that is unfair. The streets are incredibly clean… considering the number of dogs all over the place, I have yet to find any "dog muck" on the pavement/road ! But, main electricity cables are just strung along the streets in no apparent order, houses/flats/shops etc are old, tenement style, and the outsides are "no-ones responsibility", so they get run down.

My apartment promised luxury…. But first impression was that this too is a little run down and dated, my first hours were of disappointment.

Bangkok Apartment LayoutNow, I’m getting used to it, and I have to say, the apartment is perfect! It is clean, quiet, well run, within easy travelling of school and the city, and I really like it a lot!

This is the layout. The main room is on the right, with kitchen area along one wall. The wall opposite the kitchen is actually glass, making the room very light and airy. The bedroom next to it is what I am calling the guest room! Again, the one wall is glass, so another nice light room. Down a few stairs and you have the bathroom, and "my room" with its en-suite. I ended up here because there are bigger cupboards and surfaces for my computer etc, but the view here is not so good, the other side of the apartment is definitely the better side! The three main rooms are all air-conditioned, and the maid comes three times a week to clean, empty bins, and take away the dirty washing, bringing it back washed and ironed… that’s what I call a real bonus!



Some views of the rooms - as you can see, all my "junk" has arrived and been found a home!

No oven … so I had to buy my own! Cable TV is provided though, and also the Internet is free – useful as I am always on it! Note the breadmaker in the kitchen – a FABULOUS gadget! The "Guest room" is possibly my favourite room! It really is so spacious! So, let me know if you are coming over, I think my parents are going to be first, they are expected in mid-November. My room is actually not so beautiful or spacious, but has useful spaces for my computer and bits and pieces. The TV is not connected to cable so is not really used, especially as I no longer have any videos !


Apartment Facilities

Yes – it’s a lovely pool, especially when arriving home after a long day at school, hot and sweaty! Ten minutes in the pool, and you feel a completely different person! The pool is visible from both the main room and the guest room. There is also a fitness room and snooker room, which I haven't used yet - but I will!

So there you have it. I am going to be writing a number of these reports to share my life here with you. The next few are likely to be "My local neighbourhood", "Shopping – Thai style", "Thai food", "Bangkok Transport" etc, and of course reports from all the tourist places I visit. I hope you enjoy seeing a bit of my life in Thailand.

Keep in touch!